Incredible story! I loved watching Cud down at the Camden Palais and even bought a special edition purple vinyl of Purple Love Balloon. Great song.

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What a lovely story! Last few weeks have been mess around Lisa verse but this cheered me up right proper. <3

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Taking a deep dive into "Liberation" by The Divine Comedy feels akin to stepping into a literary salon where music, poetry, and cultural critique waltz together in time. It's easy to get entangled in the web threads of Neil Hannon's chamber pop arrangements, mistaking them for just frivolous stylings. But that would be a cursory reading.

Indeed, Hannon's flirtations with Chekov, Fitzgerald, and Wordsworth could be misconstrued as mere name-dropping, as if he's checking off a list of literary greats. But in truth, they speak to an artist grappling with an old soul's yearnings in a modern world. The track "Victoria Falls" is a testament to his depth, nodding towards the legendary Scott Walker, with whom Hannon seems to share a sonic kinship.

It's true, later albums like "Fin de Siecle" are perhaps more immediate in their allure, drawing listeners in with a magnetic pull. But "Liberation" demands patience. It's the kind of album you grow into, not out of.

"The Pop Singer’s Fear Of The Pollen Count" is not just a great single but an emblematic representation of Hannon's wit and musical ingenuity. A mosaic of humor, melancholy, and unadulterated pop sensibility.

In a world awash with fleeting tunes and ephemeral hits, Hannon’s "Liberation" stands as an edifice of thoughtful pop — layered, ambitious, and enduring. It's the sonic version of a novel that you revisit, each time discovering a nuance you missed earlier. A testament to the creator's multifaceted genius.

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Members of CUD gave music lessons during the day, while others from the band taught tips on how to "sign on" but play tours

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I kinda wish I'd gone to these gigs. I was 13 in 89 and played a short set in support of Dodgy, but I don't remember seeing them and don't think I went to see any of the other bands, even though I was well into music. I was a bit weird really.

Didn't James also play, post 'Sit Down'?

Trevor was a good fella and a good teacher. He told me I could write a book one day and now I've written and published six.

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Tops story!

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Terrific story! (Tiny thing but it's Dot Allison not Allison Dot btw 😉)

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