Your Rage piece will be all the rage in 30 years when everyone realizes you are Nostradamus. But seriously, excellent examination of how the right will always co-opt the left-leaning artist’s songs no matter if they are subtle or obvious. Or something like that. Speaking of that, I am so grateful that Take That has no memorical connection in my brain. I am guessing they didn’t have the same success in the states as in the UK. Why can’t the Trumpian right wingers co-opt their songs?

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True story from my life:

My senior year, we all pile in the car to go see RATM...open for House of Pain. It's like something out of a bad movie. A couple of my friends shaved their heads like Everlast, and we do a last minute detour to pick up a buddy walking out of his job because A: this show, and B: the manager thought a pre-shift sing-along would be a good idea.

At any rate, RATM opens, and proceed to tear the roof off. To be fair, even then De la Rocha got a bit of shit for going on a long-winded rant about Leonard Peltier. I think that was down more to people wanting to keep rocking out than anything else.

A rumor also swept the crowd that Cypress Hill was in the house and might play at some point. There was enough weed wafting through the air for this to all make sense. Dunno if they were there or not, but they never took the stage.

It all wound up being a textbook case of the opener upstaging the headliner. House of Pain put on a solid show but the drop in energy between sets was pretty significant.

P.S. 100 is the only acceptable volume for "Walk."

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