This is a really lovely article, beautifully written. Thanks!

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Great post. I’ll add my thanks for the ‘fine day’ deep dive. I remember hearing the acapella version once and rather liking it.

Perfect summations of Ten and November Rain (team Don’t Cry forever here).

Don’t recall Curve, will have to wander down that rabbit hole.

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Thanks for the deep dive on "It's a Fine Day!" I didn't realize it wasn't an Opus III original. Pretty sure I still have the cassette single for it somewhere? If I'm honest, the Lancaster version feels a little unsettling. Beautiful and eerie both.

In school, I sometimes felt like a hype man for bands I wanted people to like. Curve was one of them, but I could never convince people of just how good Doppelganger is. "Horror Head" still feels as new now as it did on my Walkman riding the bus.

"Ten is very polished, so it’s kind of bizarre to see it as part of the Grunge bandwagon. Out of context, away from Seattle and Nirvana, it makes a lot more sense. It’s just a really good rock album."

You nailed it here. I think PJ got lumped in with everyone else out of convenience(?). It's easier to just call them a grunge band than "a band that formed around the same time as all Nirvana, Tad, Mudhoney,etc. in the same city, that played in the same clubs, to many of the same fans, and BTW dressed similarly." Even being there at the time, it was apparent that they might've been part of the same scene, but were musically light years away.

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