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excellent piece!

Pop Bernards seem extremely cool on average. Don't get me started on Pop Lawrences...

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In past articles, I've likened Republic to two parents staying together for the sake of the kids. It's an album made under duress, but for most of it, you'd never know. I'm sure being in Ibiza didn't hurt. "Regret" might be the closest thing to a straight up pop song they've made. Chemical is a banger. Young Offender, too.

And for a label that was on it's death bed, it sure didn't stop them from putting out some really wild promo stuff. I could swear I picked up a copy of this that had a jewel case made out of beach ball material. That couldn't have been cheap to make.

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I'm a huge fan of Black Books and I pronounce "Bernard" as "Bur-nerd" thanks to Tasmin Grieg. Dylan Moran is LYFE!

Please tell me you went to the Hacienda? That's one regret (hah!) I have is not going there when I had the chance.

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More memories Bernard! This reminded me that I unintentionally saw New Order live - we were at a gig to see The Stunning and were right up the front as always (allowances please, I was 15! - we loooved them and followed them round Ireland quite a bit). My main memory was that there was a horrendous crush as soon as the band on after The Stunning came on - we were vaguely aware of that band, but to us at the time, they weren't The Stunning

I googled and it turns out it was this gig and probably one of their last before the 2000 reunion: https://theblackpoolsentinel.com/2016/07/19/new-order-in-ireland/

which also goes some way to explaining why the four of us had to pulled out and over the crash barrier to safety (and sandwiches from the security staff - they knew us from following The Stunning around, always at the front - they fed us at a few Feiles too)...

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I remember feeling quite shocked when Freddie died: i was 15 and it was the first big rock star death i had known, but the tributes did drag on for a while. Grunge barely impacted me as i was very much a pop kid. I didn't get into any of it unti Nirvanas' MTV Unplugged and Soundgardens' "Black Hole Sun".

Also, despite Bernard Manning, its a rather noble name i think! Hill, Black, Butler, Cribbins (ledge, loved his part in Doctor Who), Sumner, and famous Jazz drummer Buddy Rich was born a Bernard.

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