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Fans of RHCP in my school were divided into 2 very distinct camps; those that liked early records, and those that liked Under The Bridge. It was like oil and water. Looking back, some of that's probably down to snobbery ("I liked them before they got big"), but a lot was likely down to the song being played non-stop in our city. To be honest, I'd be okay never hearing it again.

Besides "Pure & Simple," I'm not sure I could've named another Lightning Seeds song before this morning. And Football might be coming home, but New Order's "World In Motion" will always be my favorite WC-related track.

P.S. "Twisterella" sounds as good as ever.

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Love the Mr Big drill story! Amazing!

RHCP journey from underground rockers to the alt-rock U2 is a weird one and it’s all down to Under the Bridge. It’s astonishing how big they became. I was chatting with a Belgian guy in France one time and I mentioned that I saw them live in Dublin in 94. He asked if there was a huge psychedelic spiral projected onto the stage backdrop - there was. He owned the pirate video of the gig.

I too have a ban on Californiacation. I’ve heard it more than any other album in history and if I never hear it again I’ll be delighted.

I remember Rammstein beat them for best live act at the MTV VMAs in the mid 2000s. One of the Chilis was asked about it and he said it was fair enough. The Chilis play in their underpants while Rammstein set the lead singer on fire.

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