" A few years later, Crowe was approached about doing a Singles spin-off TV show. He said no, but the producers on that project carried on anyway, relocating it to New York and giving it a new name: Friends."

Nope, still not watching that show.

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Part of Singles appeal, I think, is that it showed Gen X as young adults. We'd seen ourselves as high schoolers in (insert John Hughes film here) plenty of times. Now we were onscreen as grownups, but not old enough to be our parents.

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So, the best Manics cover is 'Umbrella', check it out here https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2uXV5t6dcBp8IfSEkVQ0oo?si=d37d293939034e22

For a different spin on the group though give my music themed novel, serialised on Substack, a try at https://challenge69.substack.com

The book's first chapter is themed around Richey/MSPs

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