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"Baby Got Back" was inescapable over here. On the radio, in stores, in the clubs. My guess is a good 80% of people over a certain age can jump in and rap along at any given point of the track.

Also: No spoilers, but I hope we're talking about "The Best Things in Life Are free" next week. Another example of a song that outshined (and outlasted) the movie it was featured in, and one of my faves by either artist.

P.S. Interestingly (or not), the current iteration of Queensryche flew through my airport recently. I'm always struck by how normal artists seem off stage. Regular clothes, basic pleasantries, etc. Morrissey probably wouldn't be caught dead in such a pedestrian terminal, of course...

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I'm convinced that Donkey's cover version of Baby Got Back (at the end of Shrek) is what brought that track into the clubs over here!


I don't know the story of the Queensryche tune. These days whenever I see their name I'm reminded of this performance of a song of theirs in a Karaoke bar in Edinburgh. The singer is Britney Slayes, a well respected Metal singer and not some rando, but still! Imagine if your tune was up next?


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I think you may know the rules of baseball just like I know the succession of the British monarchy: each country is fascinated with the other. I'm apparently the de facto knowledge person for all things British in my circle of friends. When Prince Philip died, at least three people sent me his obit and asked how I felt. (Sad because someone died but that's about it.) (ALSO! I watch Love Island UK religiously. It's on Hulu. Don't judge.) I should also mention that I really like opera. I'm not super familiar with the ins and outs but I've dipped in and out of it over the years. A friend and I were to go see Wagner's The Valkyries in September but that fell through. (I also come from a working class background. My mother was the only of her siblings to finish college and I was the first grandchild to do the same.)

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