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Another lovely makes-you-think main post Bernard

Ah Kylie, post SAW (and arguably with SAW) she's always been just so good at what she does and prepared to be intersting too! Hadn't heard Some Kind of Bliss before, you're right it is very good... the opening reminded me of Genesis... hey, is that.... Dexter Flectcher!?!... It is Dexter Fletcher!

Fever is such a great album! I worked in an LGBTQ+ bar at the time it came out, and Can't Get You Out of My Head was played so much (not just by me!) the CD in the jukebox was replaced three times in four months. I was given a present of the album by regulars as a going to Aus present :) Come Into My World is a great song with a masterpiece of a video.

Adult Contemporary Indie is exactly what it is - we called it Dinner Party Music. We didn't have dinner parties, we went out and then went back to someone's (OG Spar callback!)

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