It goes with out saying for this crowd, but a lot of material from the 90s sounds dated or even stale when listened to today. Copper Blue doesn’t. It doesn’t even sound “finely aged” or “still good.” It just sounds good.

I was very fortunate to see Sugar play. It was one of those night when your friends flake, and I wound up go alone. Almost skipped it, but am so glad I went anyway. I was a great decision. Standing next to the PA? Not so much. Pretty sure my ears are still ringing from that night.

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Lots to say this week!

You're so right. Grief, be it big and communal or totally personal and individual is a lot and lasts longer than tidy packages of time. You've put it here much better here than I ever could.

I was getting a lift to school with my dad when the news about Freddie came on Morning Ireland. I wasn't a Queen fan but I can tell you exactly where on the N4 we were. I too was lucky to be sheltered from grief as a kid. Dad's gone nearly three years and the moving on, while smoothing, is still unpredicably jagged.

Lyric FM as the UK's first *national* commercial station. Imagine if the first UK national commercial station were to launch today - somehow I don't think it would be a classical station!

If I could change your mind... God this song! - lovestruck/heartbroken teenage me played this *a lot* while sending intense forlorn psychic intents to *very* unsuitable people 🤣

Your chronicling of the 90s through the (RP accent) "popular music of the time" consistently knocks it out of the park. It's full of nostalgic reminders and surprises combined with considered and insightful commentary that reflects and combines the now along with the wisdom of being thirty years older.

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Copper Blue was my jam in the early '90s and while it may be obvious to many, "If I Can't Change Your Mind" slaps (as the kids say). I couldn't get enough of Sugar and followed Mould for some time. But as always with music you love, someone shinier comes along and your fav because a pleasant memory which is always a damn shame. But c'est la vie.

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