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One of the things I love about this newsletter is discovering new things about stuff I remember/was there for. It is only today that I am finding out that Hugh Laurie & John Malkovich were in the video for Breaking Glass! 😮😁

Thinking about this, & recent posts on Geneis and even Shakespear's Sister - God record companies really spent big on videos back then. (They could still do... I'm an oldie that's out of the loop!)

The less said about line dancing and this country's over-acceptance of country the better! 🤣

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I was in a youth club as a teenager and witnessed the line dancing craze. I didn't get roped in. But... someone we both know did. He (along with others) performed a line dancing set to 'Cotton-Eyed Joe'. I think he thought it would make him popular with the girls. It did, but not in the Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing kind of way. While this tune was released far in the future from your current blog posts (94 apparently), I thought it worth mentioning here. I will only reveal who it was two years from now. Hint: He married your cousin.

Oh and he performed it in fronts of lots of people. On a stage and everything.

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Weirdly I never got into The Lemonheads. They always seemed like a band I should have liked, but maybe for some of the reasons you mention in the article, I couldn't take to them.

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